Scientifically Proven Benefits of Taking Low Carbohydrate Diets

There is a couple of health benefits that are associated with the intake of reduced carbohydrate diets. These benefits been intensely studied while others have been reported by those who have had the intake of such foods. However, these benefits may not be experienced by all the users as people have different sensitivities to carbohydrate intake.

Low-carb diet benefits are quite varied, and the primary ones include the benefit of the blood pressure and cholesterol. Eating low-carbohydrate diets in the appropriate moderation allows one to obtain the required body nutrition while at the same time enjoying many health benefits that may not be found on other meal plans.

The Main health benefits of taking Low-carb diet

1. Weight Management

Carbohydrate is the body’s preferred energy source. Eating carbs for breakfast enables the body to convert the nutrients into glucose that the body uses for energy purposes. The absence of carbs forces the body to burn fat that is reserved for the energy purposes. The limit of carbs in the body will facilitate in weight management and prevention of obesity because the body is encouraged to burn fat. Obesity is a main cause of many health problems and heart disease and taking low-carb diet would aid in obesity prevention.

2. Lowers the Blood Pressure

There is a couple of published articles, and research reports have shown that the intake of low-carb diets is quite beneficial in reducing the blood pressure. The high blood pressure or hypertension is known to cause the constriction of the blood vessels increasing the risk of stroke.

Weight loss is also a major facilitator to the lowering of the blood pressure levels. The intake of low-carb diet can have a positive effect on providing a solution to these ailments.

3. Nutritional Benefits

The exchange of carbohydrate-rich starches such as rice, potatoes, leafy greens and whole grain helps you increase a number of nutrients the body receives from the food. Intake of leafy greens is well known to contain vitamin C, calcium and useful antioxidants that fuel the natural body processes such as bone formation and the functioning of the immune system.

Low carb diets are known to be lower on the glycemic index. This means that they digest more slowly helping one avoid the rapid increase of blood sugar, which can cause weight gain leading to obesity.

4. Increases Metabolism

Intake of low carbohydrate diets increases the metabolic rate of the body and the ability of the body to break down its food storage. The high metabolism would turn these carbohydrates calories into energy. Diets that are known to be high in carbs does not allow the body to use the accumulated fats, and this would lead to obesity and health issues.

5. Treatment of pimples

There is a mutual type of relationship between carbohydrates and acne. Diets that are rich in carbs increase the insulin production causing the hormonal change that leads to oilier skin and clogged pores. Eating low carb diets is a good way of preventing this type of problem.

In summation, the intake of low-carb diets range from improvement in joint and muscle pain, fewer headaches, improvement in PMS, reduced intestinal gas and improvement in skin appearance.


From celebrities to regular people walking on the streets, ombre hair is becoming the best option to keep it glitter. Hair styling seems to evolve each day and today if it isn’t about color; it can’t just stand out. Colored hair is becoming the major center of attraction; black is losing taste, and if your hair can’t fade gradually you are putting less effort to keep up with the fashion. From music to acting, celebrities seem to have found the best option to give their hair a stunning look. Fans follow suit and as a result, we can’t miss it on the streets, functions, weddings and any other occasion where glamor makes the day. To understand why ombre hair can’t just lose taste, here is a brief history.


It derived its name from a colored block that was used to produce colored textiles to achieve the embroidery effect throughout the 19th century. It then became popular in the 21st century taking over hair styling all over the world. It was common with celebrities, supermodels (all credits given to Gisele Bundchen, a supermodel) and as a routine, it took over both the music and acting industries. We can see it up to date with top rated celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Khloe Kardashian and more.

Ombre hair keeps on evolving since hair colorists are becoming more creative. There are more than enough creations and styles from subtle fade to more drastic giving hair stylists lots of options to choose from. Views and reviews have it that ombre hair is the solution to a dull, white and graying hair. Instead of dying your hair black to cheat your age, the gradation of color seems to create more confusion and the beauty in it makes graying hair as a sign of aging history.

At first, only hair stylists could do it, but since it has become so popular that even those who can’t afford it, want it, various tricks and tips have emerged and now it has become a DIY task. If you are in your early or late 30s, your age shouldn’t become a gossip in salons, why? You can keep your little secret to yourself by doing it yourself. Here are the tips to achieve the best ombre hair safely.



It is all about keeping it natural. Your hair should look sophisticated and therefore It is wiser to select a color that is friendly to your natural color. There are lots of options to choose from that are Shade of auburn, red, brown or blond. There is a reverse ombre (lighter roots and darker hair tips) and a traditional ombre (tips of your hair has a lighter color compared to the roots of your hair). Hair colorists suggest that you choose the shade that has less than two shades lighter than your natural hair color.


Where the fade ends determines the beauty of it. Hair stylists recommend that your dyed color should meet your natural hair color at the lower end since it doesn’t look appealing if they meet too high. The best meeting point, according to hair stylists is below the jaw line.


If you are doing a traditional ombre, then you need to bleach your hair. The main purpose of the bleach is to make the color come out. The cost friendly and best bleach to use at home is the one derived from mixing peroxide (twenty volume) and powdered bleach until you achieve a mixture that looks like cream. Experts recommend that you should avoid inhaling the fumes that come from it for health purposes.


After bleaching your hair, you should dry it with a towel and give it some time to dry thoroughly (at least one hour). When it is dry, follow this simple procedure.

* Divide your hair into portions, tying each end with a band for easy dying.

* Mix your dye: Ensure you have the hand gloves on.

* Using a brush, apply the dye on your hair noting the meeting line.

* Give the color time to set.

* using warm water, wash the hair color out, then follow it with a shampoo free of sulfate.

* Use a conditioner to add some moisture into your locks.

* Let it dry and then give it your special style.


In summary, ombre hair makes your hair beautiful. Celebrities are doing it; it is taking over the modeling industry, why not try it? You don’t have to worry about graying hair, and the best news is that you can do it yourself. For more information on ombre hair, click on the following links.

3 Cool Accessories To Triple Battery Life Of Your Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 boasts of an awe-inspiring design of metal and glass edges that is unrivaled by any other smartphone. With a 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 32 GB internal memory, 2 GB RAM and 5.1-inch vibrant screen, the Galaxy S 5 is nothing short of impressive. Unfortunately, all these amazing features and capabilities mean one thing: your battery drains quicker. In fact, the number one major concern of all proud owners of these phones is the battery life. It is simply to short. Thankfully, extended-life batteries for the S5 are now available. These accessories can power your device up to three times longer than the normal batteries do, allowing you to do more with your phone.

To fix the above mentioned issue, below is a brief review of three useful accessories to solve your battery problems:

Galaxy S5 Battery Case – UNU Unity 2800mAh Portable Charger

If you are looking for a high-end solution to your S5 battery issues, this is a perfect solution. The UNU Unity Samsung Galaxy S5 case is designed with the new UNU Rapid Charging Technology, making it more than just a case. The 2800mAh charger boosts your phone’s battery life instantly by 100 percent, giving you 10 extra hours of talk time. It boasts of a fully customized, intelligent design offering you 360 degrees protection from bumps, scratches and fingerprints, and provides easy access to all functions including camera and headphone jack.

Anker® 7500mAh Extended Battery Combo for Samsung Galaxy S5

This extended-life battery from the leading charging brand AnkerDirect is one of the best available for Samsung Galaxy S5 phones. It has a vast capacity of about 7500Ah, which almost triples your original battery life of the S5 (NFC, waterproof not supported). It is highly effective because it has a special built-in design that delivers energy exactly where it is needed to avoid any wastage as opposed to regular external chargers and batteries, which waste 20-35 percent charge. The battery comes with a long-lasting TPU cover to safeguard it against bumps, and has a matte and gloss finish providing secure gripping.

Mugen Power 5900mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 with Battery Door

Mugen Power has been producing high performance extended batteries for nearly 4 decades now, and has established itself as the most trusted brand. Their 5900mAh battery not only boosts your battery life 2.1 times but also comes with many features including QI Wireless Charging functionality. It also offers protection against water falling as spray at any angle up to 60 degrees, meaning you can comfortable walk with it in the rain. It is an unfailing, safe and robust answer to your S5 battery power needs. As an added bonus, it comes with a battery door.

Now you no longer have to stop or postpone important tasks in your phone such as making business calls, checking social media, taking photos/video or listening to your playlist because your battery is dying. The extended-life batteries are hugely advantageous to heavy mobile users, and those who do not have access to power sources throughout the day or while traveling. To get the most out of these accessories, pick the one that works best for your particular situation.

Unique Phoenix Tattoo Designs for Both Men and Women

In case you have decided to decorate your body with a phoenix tattoo then you should know that a phoenix tattoo is associated with the mythological story of a phoenix bird which is an emblem of life and also rebirth. The bird is reputed for its beauty and colorful wings. The phoenix tattoo is interesting because of the bird which prepares its own funeral and then gives fire to its body. After 3 days, the phoenix is reborn from its ashes and again continues to live for many years. The phoenix tattoo is in great demand at present because of its attractive design and also due to the fact that it is extremely symbolic. In this article, we will discuss the popular phoenix tattoo designs that one must consider before getting his or her tattoo.

Japanese Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Though the phoenix features in the Japanese tradition, it is much less as compared to others. It is regarded as a bird of eternity. A lot of individuals prefer these Japanese phoenix tattoo designs for guys due to their vibrant colors and high amount of detail with a minimal display of the skin. The most striking feature of these Japanese phoenix tattoo designs is that they are very rich in colors. Often the range of hues can be compared to that of the rainbow. The usage of fiery reds, as well as orange, is not uncommon in these tattoos. Due to the fact that there are no standard designs for these tattoos, you can expect the artist to use his or her own unique style for drawing them.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs

You will get a lot of designs to choose from because these tribal phoenix tattoos are available in many forms. Mostly they feature a bird with its wings spread, a long tail, and a small head. Often these tattoos are drawn on the lower back of the person. One thing you must bear in your mind that these types of tattoos are very sophisticated and might not look exactly like a phoenix to the casual observer.

Small Phoenix Tattoo Designs

The small tattoos are generally of the tribal type. Due to the fact that these tattoos are usually quite subtle, they are very handy. It is best to put on these small tattoos on the lower back, behind the ears, on the hip or foot.

Phoenixes are used by both men and women. These tattoos are usually not classified as male or female and the major difference lies in their location. While men typically wear these tattoos on the chest and upper arm, the females prefer them on the side of their torso, the lower back or the hips.