Unique Phoenix Tattoo Designs for Both Men and Women

In case you have decided to decorate your body with a phoenix tattoo then you should know that a phoenix tattoo is associated with the mythological story of a phoenix bird which is an emblem of life and also rebirth. The bird is reputed for its beauty and colorful wings. The phoenix tattoo is interesting because of the bird which prepares its own funeral and then gives fire to its body. After 3 days, the phoenix is reborn from its ashes and again continues to live for many years. The phoenix tattoo is in great demand at present because of its attractive design and also due to the fact that it is extremely symbolic. In this article, we will discuss the popular phoenix tattoo designs that one must consider before getting his or her tattoo.

Japanese Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Though the phoenix features in the Japanese tradition, it is much less as compared to others. It is regarded as a bird of eternity. A lot of individuals prefer these Japanese phoenix tattoo designs for guys due to their vibrant colors and high amount of detail with a minimal display of the skin. The most striking feature of these Japanese phoenix tattoo designs is that they are very rich in colors. Often the range of hues can be compared to that of the rainbow. The usage of fiery reds, as well as orange, is not uncommon in these tattoos. Due to the fact that there are no standard designs for these tattoos, you can expect the artist to use his or her own unique style for drawing them.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs

You will get a lot of designs to choose from because these tribal phoenix tattoos are available in many forms. Mostly they feature a bird with its wings spread, a long tail, and a small head. Often these tattoos are drawn on the lower back of the person. One thing you must bear in your mind that these types of tattoos are very sophisticated and might not look exactly like a phoenix to the casual observer.

Small Phoenix Tattoo Designs

The small tattoos are generally of the tribal type. Due to the fact that these tattoos are usually quite subtle, they are very handy. It is best to put on these small tattoos on the lower back, behind the ears, on the hip or foot.

Phoenixes are used by both men and women. These tattoos are usually not classified as male or female and the major difference lies in their location. While men typically wear these tattoos on the chest and upper arm, the females prefer them on the side of their torso, the lower back or the hips.